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hisatomi :: in loving memory
7 March
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This is the icon journal of stiletto. If you have any questions on something I've done on one of my icons then please feel free to ask but other than that, please keep comments to a relevant fashion. While I love comments I am, in fact, a very horrible teacher.

1» Bases will be placed in this journal and are completely customizeable but they will be labled as bases. Please do not take textless icons and personalize them, they are to be left alone as they were intended to be that way.

2» Please comment and credit when taking icons. While commenting isn't necessary, it's nice to be given a pat on the head when someone's doing a good job, right? Yes.

3» No redistributing of these icons, AT ALL. Take for your own personal use but please don't allow anyone else to take them from you. Kindly redirect them here.

4» Please NO hotlinking to any of the icons or images.

All credits and resources for icons are combined in this post. Not everything is credited as I have forgotten where half this stuff came from so if it's yours, comment and I'll gladly post it up.

Since I won't be checking the friendslist here, I will not be friending anyone in return. You are more than free to friend this journal for the random graphic updates but please don't get upset when I don't add you back. It's nothing personal.

Layout credits: faceon for codes, Portfelia & Hybrid Genesis for brushes